One Reply to “The Library of Babel – Hexagonal Drawing in English”

  1. Sentences on Conceptual Translation

    What do you read, my Lord? Lines, lines, lines. Characters, characters, characters.

    By this art you may contemplate the variation of the infinity of pixels.

    For each work of art that becomes physical there are many variations that do not.

    The Library is measured in units of letters and walls.

    The Library contains all verbal structures, eliminating the need for the poorly defined unit of the sentence.

    Babel fits on a single page when translated infralinearly.

    Each line a near-infinity of fractals, their perimeter infinite and their detail infinitesimal.

    Pre-verbal or post-verbal? Ex ante or post hoc?

    How could a language be finite if no human can ever master all the words of their native tongue?

    All of the great libraries and museums of the world are inaccessible at present: what if they never re-open?

    On the wall of an enormous empty gallery in Los Angeles is a new Lawrence Weiner piece: REMOVED FROM VIEW (2020).

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