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  1. I love maps, and I love weird stories, so I was tickled to explore Agnieszka Kurant’s Risk Managemen [Europe], with (as the backstory explains) its beautiful level of detail about the power of fiction to impact hundreds if not thousands of people. From phantom sightings to mass hysteria, the work whimsically documents how individuals are pulled and swayed by phenomenon that don’t appear to be scientifically or logically validated. Using the visual symbolic system made popular by public health and wartime mapping highlights the violent nature of major clashes of belief in which people are terrified or united to the point of dying from the experience. The artist probably underestimates the number of people affected by these rash outbreaks of collective irrationality, and has left out many mass miracles and religiously themed events—imagine if they were included; the map would have no place devoid of the artist’s symbolic system. The most disturbing thing about this piece being released in 2020 is that, at least to a viewer in the United States, that the tables have been reversed. In that country, those who believe in science, safety and social equality are now the ones who are living in unfounded realities.

  2. Aha (I had some concerns:)). I tried finding the larger image — appreciate the response.

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