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  1. When I use The Deletionist on that site, I get a page entitled “o a Poor”. I thought it was deterministic– do we have different versions of the bookmarklet, or did the page change?

  2. Doug, you are very perceptive. In fact, we have rolled out a slightly modified version of The Deletionist, without announcing the new version (until now). The new program is meant to fix a problem with accented characters that almost entirely affects non-English pages that use the Latin alphabet but include accented characters. The current code has “2013-07-09” in a comment near the beginning.

    While the code causes The Deletionist to function as we intended with these sorts of words, due to instabilities in the The Worl it also reveals some different Worl pages. They are deterministic, but in some cases different in this version.

    You can download/install the current bookmarklet to see the page I mention. And you don’t have to uninstall the old one. I have in my bookmark bar as “Deletionist v1.”

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