An Occasional Digital Poem

After releasing The Deletionist, a project that three collaborators started two years ago, I thought it would be nice to do something smaller-scale – an occasional poem (in HTML and JavaScript) that took me 30 minutes to write during a conference/festival session this morning, and referring to some of the discussion in it: “I Heart E-Poetry.” It’s meant to be read alound, so I suggest at least imagining doing so.

4 Replies to “An Occasional Digital Poem”

  1. hey are you guys still making the “party” game? (the facade companion) I play facade with my friends very frequntly, and we want the party (ps I hope you are reading this in a russian accent, becaus eI am reading this aloud to myself in that very accent.) (Post post scipt, what do trip and grace keep in dat secret room? I want to know.) So, why dont you just email me with some info about that “party” it would be nice no? I want to play the game, so I will play the game soon, I hope. (Post post scipt script, where did grace put the wine glasses? she is wiley women no? if only we all had that much excitment in our lives., Well thank you for reading my comment, and remember to email me with all the information I asked for, otherwise I will be very very very sad and will probably play more facade, like I am right now. It would be really awkward if this is not the people who made facade. thanks man, this was a good comment no?
    XOXO (kiss hug kiss hug, if you dont understand what “x” adn “o” mean, remember to email me at, or at, or call lindsey. thanks bye
    Love, Jack Penelope, Lindsey, and Ruby
    (post script post script post sciript,
    this is not joke, this is serious. WE want to have the “party”, and such a party it will be!

  2. wow that comment was a big one, but I appreciate you guys takin that time to read it. Well I have you here, I wanted to add, that You should make a sequel to facade, not just the “party” but a game with actual trip and grace. WE love trip and grace. I wanted to tell you that Lindsey loves Andy

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