Last Day Dream

Sunday 17 May 2009, 11:57 pm   ///  

Last Day Dream

Here’s a beautiful 42-second video: Last Day Dream by music video director Chris Milk.


  1. Why not link to Chris Milk’s post, instead of some random Vimeo user’s repost?

    Comment by Jonathan — 2009-05-18 @ 12:55 pm
  2. Thanks Jonathan – I hope the next time you try to share something beautiful with someone, no one slaps you.

    Comment by Nick Montfort — 2009-05-18 @ 7:21 pm
  3. I apologize, Nick, re-reading my comment comes across unpleasantly, which was not my intention. I’m slightly upset at the guy you linked to, who (it appears) stole Chris Milk’s work and is getting a ton of pageviews & credit for it. When I see people promoting the linkthief, I was just hoping to send a little of the traffic Milk’s way.

    Again, totally apologize. I love this video & think it’s really cool that you shared it with people.

    Comment by Jonathan — 2009-05-21 @ 1:57 pm
  4. I understand your ire, and I’m not really that hurt. It just happened that I found out about the video via that link, so I used that link. Everyone’s favorite search engine also led me to that URL (although it also helped me find me Milk’s .mov).

    Comment by Nick Montfort — 2009-05-21 @ 3:49 pm
  5. nice! And good juxtaposition to your post about Passage.

    Comment by andrew stern — 2009-05-22 @ 4:23 pm

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