If the Internet Did Exist

Friday 27 March 2015, 11:08 am   ////  

If the Internet did exist, we’d have to uninvent it: “It seemed that in their minds, the Internet did not exist; only Facebook.”

Those poor people in developing countries don’t know about the Internet, only Facebook.

Of course Babycastles, my main link to poetry & digital media in NYC, keeps a calendar of events only on Facebook, not on a plain Web page.

I’ve found it very difficult to find (open, public) poetry events in NYC because many are announced only on Facebook.

I’m at an LA poetry festival now. Didn’t know about my friends’ (public) offsite readings; they are Facebook-only.

So, really the joke’s on me for thinking that the Internet still exists and not being on Facebook.

Thanks to the 15 of you who will read this on Twitter. It would have been 3, also deluded that the Internet exists, if I’d only blogged it.


  1. Hey man, I read this on an RSS reader. Which I had to migrate to after Google Reader shut down.

    Comment by Dustin Freeman — 2015-03-27 @ 11:57 am
  2. I go this on my RSS reader, too. But yes, we are a dying breed. Thanks for giving us old fogeys a full feed; too many sites hasten the demise of RSS by only giving abbreviated versions.

    Comment by Herr Rau — 2015-03-27 @ 2:05 pm
  3. Facebook is a Web page too!

    Comment by Doug Orleans — 2015-03-27 @ 4:54 pm
  4. The Web is a Facebook page! I suffer too.

    Comment by Alex GR — 2015-03-29 @ 4:04 am

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