Apollo 18+20, a Tribute to an Album in Interactive Fiction

The organizer of the People’s Republic of Interactive Fiction, Kevin Jackson-Mead, has organized and co-written a tribute to the 1992 They Might Be Giants Album, Apollo 18. At the PR-IF site, you can play and download 38 short games corresponding to every song (including the “Fingertips” songs) on the album. With its retro cachet, it may be today’s version of Dial-a-Song:

Apollo 18+20.

9 Replies to “Apollo 18+20, a Tribute to an Album in Interactive Fiction”

  1. Are there hints for your entry? “Climb rocky climb” and “overlook overlook” don’t seem to do anything, leaving me unsure of the affordances. That is to say, I don’t know what I can do.

    (I realize that, given my entry, for me to say that someone else has a recalcitrant parser is the chutziest chutzpah.)

  2. Aha moment: try backwards heading, heading backwards. Try… moment… Aha!

    Nicely done palindromes! Good seeing good palindromes done nicely.

  3. (And by the power of posting, I figured it out after comment 3. I’d tried “view canyon view”; I think that the first time I tried a palindromic command was the first time I got a different response, which led me down a rabbit hole.)

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