My Curveship Talk at PAX-East 2011

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I gave a talk about Curveship in the “IF Suite” (actually an ordinary hotel room with a few upturned beds, not a suite) at PAX-East 2011 earlier this month. It was great to present to fellow IF author/programmers from around the world at this event, which was effectively the second annual Festival of Interactive Fiction. The IF Summit was organized by Andrew Plotkin, a.k.a. Zarf, once again this year. Thanks to Jason McIntosh, there’s pretty good-quality video (very good, considering the ramshackle setup) of the first 22.5 minutes of my talk:

Nick Montfort on Curveship at PAX-East 2011: Watch on Vimeo

The parts where I actually demo the system and discuss how games are written are missing, unfortunately, but my comments do introduce Curveship and its motivation.

Also check out the video documentation of the “Setting as Character” panel with Andrew Plotkin, Rob Wheeler, Stephen Granade, and Dean Tate. (This one took place in the more capacious Alcott Room, which we had on Saturday, March 12 thanks to Dave Cornelson.) Also, there’s video of the panel on “Non-Gamers Gaming,” with Caleb Garner, Tim Crosby, Heather Albano, Sarah Morayati, and Andrew Plotkin.

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  1. […] Second, on March 28,2011, Nick Montfort introduced his new, interactive fiction game: Curveship. This game allows players to control the way the story unfolds within the world. Montfort recorded a 22 minute preview talk about Curveship at PAX-East.  During his recorded video I noticed Montfort said, “The reason that literature is interesting is not just the things that happen in it…The way the narrative texture is woven together is an important part also.”  I found this quote very interesting to think about because it is so true. Whenever I watch my boyfriend play games like Dragon Age II or Mass Effect (which give the player the option to control the storyline to some extent), I notice that we both get so involved in the story line. This is not only because of the actions he has to do, but also because of the way the story line is constructed. Overall, Montfort’s talk was about the way Curveship was about player agency and the way the players have control over the storyline.  Montfort’s preview talk can be viewed below. Also, if you would like to check out the original cite click March 28. […]

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