Curveship 0.5 Released

Happy Groundhog Day. Today, I’m releasing Curveship, my interactive fiction system that models not only the fictional world, but also the narrative discourse. A development version (0.5) of this Python framework is now available for download. You can find the links, along with some description and documentation of the system, at

(Original photos by April King and Postdlf, Wikimedia Commons; they & these modified versions are CC by-sa 3.0.)

12 Replies to “Curveship 0.5 Released”

  1. Congratulations Nick! Curveship is a great boon to the field of interactive narrative and it’s been wonderful to witness its ongoing development. Besides its utility technically, general application of notions like spin and recountability are important for areas like narrative in game design and customizable content in user interface design. Kudos!

  2. Wow, a fascinating approach that unattended returned some former Wittgenstein readings to mind. Unfortunately Curveship appears hard to translate into German language, perhaps it’s possible to source out language related parts in future releases.

  3. Awesome! Thanks for the release! Now I can forward to all those undergrads who were interested in your system. I’ll update what I have written for Ellie’s world and get back to you with a status report. Thanks for updating!

  4. Congrats Nick! Releasing Curveship is a major accomplishment. I am excited to see the new IF that gets created with it.

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