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That’s an interview with Alan DeNiro now up at Grinding to Valhalla. DeNiro is author of the just-published Total Oblivion, More or Less, in which Minnesota, and then the rest of the US, is invaded by ancient European tribes. DeNiro also wrote and programmed one of the most unusual interactive fiction pieces of recent vintage, Deadline Enchanter. Or perhaps the word is “bizarre.” The game seems to not completely work, in a few different senses of “work,” but I was intrigued with it and found it to be oddly compelling, a refreshing experiment. Hopefully novel-readers will receive a similar wake-up slap from Total Oblivion, and, hopefully DeNiro won’t abandon interactive fiction now that he’s made it to print.

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  1. I’m still working when I can on a “post comp” release of DE (whether it can be called that after 2 years I’m not sure!). And I’m hoping beyond hope to finish a game for the upcoming Jay Is Games competition. I’ve also been using Inform as a writing tool in my static fiction to map out some locations; I might try to blog about that at some point.

    Comment by Alan — 2009-11-22 @ 11:23 am

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