I’m Glad I’m Not the Only One Who Does This

Friday 11 September 2009, 5:21 pm   ///  


  1. I do it too, all the time!

    Comment by Dennis G. Jerz — 2009-09-11 @ 5:36 pm
  2. Hahahaha. Ha. Whew. Wow.

    Comment by Ian Bogost — 2009-09-11 @ 7:10 pm
  3. Uh… you guys never saw this. I am wiping your memory with the Will Smith blinky pen thing from Men In Black. :)

    Comment by Simon Carless — 2009-09-11 @ 7:12 pm
  4. Doh :( .

    Comment by Emily Short — 2009-09-11 @ 7:19 pm
  5. I know that I’m trolling by saying this, and I apologize in advance (especially to Emily herself), but—Emily Short writing about romance? Come on!

    Comment by josemanuel — 2009-09-12 @ 7:20 am
  6. Maybe you should read whatever you can on the topic.

    Comment by Nick Montfort — 2009-09-12 @ 11:16 am
  7. I’ve read enough about it to know that she’s not one to talk, that’s all.

    Comment by josemanuel — 2009-09-12 @ 3:49 pm
  8. @josemanuel: Boy do I not understand your comment. You mean, the author of games like Best of Three and Pytho’s Mask has nothing useful to say about romance in games? Or, you mean something else that you didn’t say with sufficient clarity, but are content to go “nudge nudge, wink wink, say no more” in the general direction of?

    Comment by Daphne Brinkerhoff — 2009-09-13 @ 12:08 pm

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