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Excerpts from the Chronicles of Pookie & JR: Previously, Pookie and JR had only ever met at parties. For the first few nights, Pookie and JR keep to their corners. JR changes Pookie’s water. Pookie makes a mess of his feeding dish. JR cooks slowly, foraging in this strange kitchen. Tonight’s dinner puts one withered leek out of its misery. JR hasn’t been sleeping much lately. Pookie keeps his thoughts to himself. To be continued…

J. R. Carpenter, author of Words the Dog Knows, Entre Ville, The Cape, and other fine works of e-lit, print, and xerography, has delightfully repurposed one of my 1k story generators to have it tell stories involving her and a hermit crab named Pookie. The program has grown to about 2k, but it uses the same simple (and surprisingly effective) method as my first generator does: It simply removes all but 5-9 sentences from a sequence, eliding some of what’s been written. Sometimes the reader is left to wonder who the hermit is. Here’s a direct link to the Python code for the program, and here’s the page on Excerpts from the Chronicles of Pookie & JR.


  1. Check out the latest iteration – NYC based artist/programmer Ravi Rajakumar has ported the Chronicles of Pookie & JR into Javascript:

    Comment by J.R. Carpenter — 2009-07-15 @ 8:19 pm
  2. […] went on to post about it on his blog, Post Position: As Nick astutely notes, Sometimes the reader is left to wonder who the hermit […]

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