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Kurt Reinhard of the Zurich University of Applied Sciences and Arts has posted a 10-part video series about storytelling in our networked, digital age. The first part (“Change of Storytelling”) includes comments by:

  • Ian Condry (MIT)
  • Joshua Green (UCSB)
  • Dean Jansen (Participatory Culture Foundation)
  • Henry Jenkins (USC)
  • Joe Lambert (Center for Digital Storytelling)
  • Nick Montfort (MIT)
  • Clay Shirky (NYU)

I also appear in part 7 (“Risks of Social Media”) and part 10 (“Bits and Pieces”). Besides the august company listed above, you can see that the videos get to some of the critical issues in storytelling today: fans attired as stormtroopers and “Charlie Bit My Finger – Again!”


  1. You sound reasonable, though through much of this video, i kept thinking that much of instantaneous response to general questions is naturally horse shit. Regardless of how smart the subject may be.

    Your response was the best, though I think the example of the husband simply recounting the events of his day to his partner is not the best example of narrative vs. story. In fact, I think that that sort of narration is almost always narration. His partner’s contest makes it so. She know that when he refers to Dick denying the contract, or so forth, there is a prior string attached. A narrative would be more like “Here is how you change the tire.” probably. No? I think your suit is awesome.

    Comment by Scott Rettberg — 2010-08-06 @ 6:27 pm
  2. Where I said narration I meant “story.”

    Comment by Scott Rettberg — 2010-08-06 @ 6:28 pm

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