Gender? I Hardly Know ‘er

Tuesday 29 April 2014, 12:19 pm   ///  

The AWP (Association of Writers & Writing Programs) offers you eleven options on their Web form for indicating your gender. But these are listed in a drop-down box, so you can’t choose more than one.

AWP's gender options

To give a specific example, you can’t choose “male” and “cisgender.”



  1. Their salutations very constraining, in comparison.

    Comment by Ori — 2014-04-29 @ 3:33 pm
  2. This mostly seems silly to me because “cisgender” is something that people who identify as “male” and “female” are. You can be male and cisgender or female and cisgender. You can’t be just cisgender and neither male nor female. Same as “transsexual” – people who identify that way usually identify as either male or female. So I’m not quite sure what they’re trying to do here.

    Comment by Flourish — 2014-04-29 @ 4:56 pm

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