Gamebooks and IF Conference at Villanova

Tuesday 22 October 2013, 11:37 am   /////  

Gamebook guru Demian Katz is putting on a conference on interactive fiction, print and online, in Villanova’s Popular Culture Series. The conference does have an academic focus, but also seeks to introduce new sorts of academics to IF.

Info is up now at the vupop site, where you can read about the conference or submit a proposal. Or, if there’s enough light available, examine yourself/take inventory!

Aha – and the deadline for submitting something is November 1!

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  1. A note on the deadline: expressions of interest before November 1 would be greatly appreciated, but the actual deadline is somewhat flexible — we’re trying to gauge interest and may broaden the scope of the conference if we don’t get enough proposals specifically related to IF. IF proposals will be welcome in either case, but I’m hoping we can get sufficient interest to pin down the scope early.

    Comment by Demian Katz — 2013-10-22 @ 2:02 pm

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