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ppg256 series

Perl Poetry Generators in 256 characters, by Nick Montfort

ppg256-4 was originally run on a small LED display, an Alpha Personal Priority Display model PPD220, and was designed to produce messages that would fit on this limited display space. The following code runs ppg256-4 and redirects it to a device; if the Alpha PPD220 or a similar display is set up as this device, it will show the output.

ppg256-4 (for LED sign)

perl -le 'sub c{@_=split/_/,pop;$_[rand@_]}sub w{c(b_br_d_f_fl_l_m_p_s_tr_w).c(ad_ag_ap_at_ay_ip_on_ot_ow)}{$|=print"\0\0\0\0\0\1Z00\2AA\33 b".c(be_de_mis_re_pre_).w." ".c(a_on_the_that_)." ".w.w.", ".c(boss_bro_buddy_dogg_dude_guy_man_pal_vato)."\4";sleep 4;redo} #' > /dev/alpha