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Nick Montfort

poetry (po-'i_-tre-) [NOUN] A prehensile form of ostentation that erects turbulence, without remuneration, in the pursuit of yearning. Replete with symbols, it is an ewer of extreme ecstasy; to enter it is to turn riot, rupturing each maxim with its antithesis: hope. Containing exuberance and emptiness, it burns under reality, its ecumenical name a cordon to arrange the unclean into number, neatly. Now called truth, it provides tumult as law to every imagination.

Popular Favorites

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Examples Beyond English

Some of my non-computational poems are online, too.

The analytic definition of "poetry" (see Oulipo Compendium, Mathews & Brotchie, Atlas Press, 1998, p. 68) at the top of this page was created with fellow students in the Boston University graduate poetry program in 2001.