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Miscellaneous Materials

Older writing of mine. This only includes work available on the site or (at some point) available on the Web which I did before 2005.

Vox — other people's work — with speeches on computer literature by Robert Pinsky and Robert Coover and a paper by Bertrand Gervais and Anick Bergeron.

STREAM, a literary anthology I edited and designed in 1995.

Ten Thousand Dreams Interpreted, an easily-browsed version of this 1901 dream dictionary that my Hypermedia class at the University of Baltimore developed in 2002.

Writing done at the 2/12 Palindrome Workshop at the Kelly Writers House, led by Mike Maguire and William Gillespie.

An invitation to Composing: Harry Mathews' Words and Worlds and some information about this exhibit, which I curated for Penn's main library in the summer of 2004.

Materials from my studies at Penn in the CIS department. I defended my PhD there in summer 2007.

Des Imagistes, the first Web edition of the founding anthology of Imagism. My CMS Workshop I class edited and designed this in 2008.

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