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Winchester's Nightmare: A Novel Machine By Nick Montfort

Winchester's Nightmare uses an interface much like that of the typical text adventure game, with some modifications. Those who wish to experience literary fiction on a computer are the main audience for this work, regardless of whether they have previous experience with interactive fiction.

These instructions are provided to highlight some useful "decisions" Sarah can make that are of a special nature and may not otherwise be evident, and to describe how this work's interface differs from that of an adventure game.

[New in Release 5:] A comprehensive adaptive hint system has been added. Be warned: since hints are integrated in events within the IF world already, this hint system will reveal exactly what should be done in only a few hint requests. Access it by typing "hint".

For those unfamiliar with Adventure and the interactive fiction of Infocom (such as the Zork series):

For those who have interacted with games like Adventure and Zork:

Winchester's Nightmare: how to download & interact.
Winchester's Nightmare description.

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