The Purpling

a poem by Nick Montfort

Stop reading and you can keep up appearances by browsing through the search results or by glancing at whatever comments get modded up. The apparatus of light and current blunts our honed skills of skim-quick thumb-flipping, but they've got people working on that. The house of cards will now have to be moved to special collections, gingerly, where jokers like that one can play at being quiet and morose. So much for building a new deck under these circumstances. I keep my jacket on pretty much all the time since it's been a bit chilly; I'm not trying to signal that I'm about to take my leave. The words here are essentially arranged in the right order, but there's this special section we've got for the oversized words. Registration is required for access to these words over here. We're using the old version of the card catalog as a scratch disk right now. Burning books was a great improvement over burning illiterate Yugoslavian bards, and burning CDs is going to be even better, at least for those who can't afford to press them.