The Purpling

a poem by Nick Montfort

Some countries hold elections to decide the meaning of strophes, and women aren't allowed to vote. We consider it an intermediate stage that still has its share of problems, but these will be ameliorated when meaning is abolished. Diversity in the classroom can be a good thing, mentor. The relationship between that large, round, chapter-ending typographical mark and menstruation can be clarified by a native of the British Isles pointing out that they just call it a "full stop" over there. At one point they just barely mustered enough votes to take the comma out and fell one vote short of deciding to put it back in. The away team that was dispatched to explore chapter five was never heard from again. We managed to convince the professor that a "culture day" with sizzling innards would not be a good idea, and suggested an outing to the beach instead. Someone in linguistics was embarking on an experiment that would involve finding a bucolic lad who had never even heard of the novel in question, leaving the book near the flock he was tending, and waiting to see what reading he would come up with.