This is it

Download Curveship-py 0.6.01 (Python 3) as a zipfile.

Curveship-py is available under a permissive free software license, the ISC license. The current Python 3 version, 0.6.01, is what you will want for any new projects or simply to see how the system works these days.

In 2011 there was one previous release. This Python 2 release (0.5.0) is still available here.

Curveship-py used to be hosted on GitHub, but it was not being updated or maintained there. Indeed, I was not maintaining the project at all. I may use in my own creative work, research work, and teaching and would welcome any expressions of interest in it, but I am still not maintaining or supporting Curveship-py now. If you would like to maintain it, given that it is free software, you may of course host a fork of Curveship-py on GitHub or anywhere else.

The following files are available for download; see the files themselves for the terms under which they are licensed.

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