Here too.                                           

Here, as on the other extreme of the continent      
     -- the southernmost frontier -- the infinite   
     field where the solitary yell dies.            

Here too the Indian, the lasso, the bronco.         

Here too the secret phoenix that beyond history's   
     uproars sings to an evening and its imprint    
     on life;                                       

Here too the mystic alphabet of the stars that      
     today dictates to my quill names the incessant 
     labyrinth of life refuses to sweep away:       

San Jacinto and that other Thermopylae, the Alamo.  

Here too, that unknown and anxious and brief thing  
     that is life.                                  

By Jorge Luis Borges. Translation copyright © 1995 by Federico Cura.

If you enjoyed this translation, you may also wish to look at the translation of this poem Mark Strand, poet laureate of the United States from 1990-1991, and other of Borges's poems in translation. They appear in Jorge Luis Borges, Selected Poems 1923-1967, a bilingual edition edited by Norman Thomas Di Giovanni and printed by Dell Publishing.

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