{~} STREAM {~}


STREAM is an anthology of translations and other reworkings. Everything in it was based in some way on an earlier textual work. The writings presented are formatted so as to load quickly and display in a way that is engaging and illustrative of each work's particular language. While the design of STREAM utilizes features of HTML 3.0, it is designed so as to be read enjoyably on all Web clients, on all different types of computers, with or without color, with or without graphics, via connections of at least 2400 baud.

STREAM began on October 9, 1995. Works were added weekly throughout October unill I decided to move to San Francisco from Austin in early November. Many thanks go to those who contributed. I would be glad to read any comments on the site.

I (Nick Montfort) did the design and editing. The contributors are Jennifer Spohrer, Ned Tuck, and Federico Cura.

[After many years of this anthology being offline, I have placed it on the Web once again. Mainly, I've done this becuase I believe it is important to preserve early Web efforts, so that the history of new media can be better understood. I also believe the play excerpt and the translations of poems presented here -- none of which are otherwise available in print or on the Web -- are worth reading and should be available online today. -NM, January 2001]

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