xkcd’s Answer to World Clock

Monday 17 February 2014, 7:22 pm   /////  

From xkcd comic 1331… is today’s comic.

And it’s true, Randall probably did not know about World Clock (book, code). Maybe he didn’t even know about my inspirations, Harry Mathews’s “The Chronogram for 1998” or Stanislaw Lem’s One Human Minute.

In that case it’s an unwitting answer.

In any case, it’s a nice one.

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  1. According to Munroe, there seems to be a cat-on-mockingbird murder epidemic, with 43200 killed a day by cats alone. Even though they’re classified as ‘least concern’ this seems unsustainably high.

    Comment by Joey — 2014-02-18 @ 3:37 am

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