I Don’t Make This Up

Wednesday 9 December 2009, 1:59 pm   ///  

From an email about a conference – the sender and the conference will remain nameless:

Please advise me if your mate will be attending the conference & whether she/he is an ‘adult’ or a ‘student’


  1. So…does she/he just gets to choose what to be in the morning? Sometimes we’d all like to be a child once more. It’s too bad I wasn’t aware of that incredible power of students before.

    Comment by Dominic — 2009-12-09 @ 8:21 pm
  2. Perhaps it is an Australian conference? They often use ‘mate’ for male/female friend, (not as in ‘cohabitational recreactional facility’). In fact the last Prime Minister even wanted the concept of mateship put into their constitution!

    Comment by Erik — 2009-12-09 @ 10:56 pm
  3. engrish is funny

    Comment by barakudos — 2009-12-10 @ 7:51 am
  4. It beats cheerily informing people that there will be a “separate program for wives” (I have secondhand reports that a physics conference in recent history had informed attendees of this).

    Comment by Jake Wildstrom — 2009-12-10 @ 12:57 pm
  5. I think a “jailbait” category would have been useful. You know, like I’m always looking for the “hapa” category for “ethnicity.”

    Comment by Brian Stefans — 2009-12-29 @ 9:00 pm

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