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Right now we're open noon to 8pm. You'll find the stuff below plus lots more at the address listed above. If you write us we'll try and send you a catalog! But you have to be 18 or older!

Black-Light Specials
Water Pipes
Graphix Penetrator.
Cool electric-powered pipe!

Price: $119.99
Internal Discombobulation Engine by Ez-buzz
Get a Grip, Dude! Implosive!

Price: $29.99
Redeye by Indicatronix
Here it is baby!... An Eye-watering hi!

Price: $49.99
Hand Pipes
With wooden bowl.
Price: $8.99
Cool pipe!
Price: $7.99
Fimo Pipe
Good ole fimo.
Price: $9.99

still under construction!
We'll have e-commerce real soon!
These products are sold only for use with tobacco. You must be 18 years or older to purchase any of these tobacco accessories from SmokeHaus.