Using Prominent Academics in Civilian Training: Benefits and Caveats

Presented at the 5th Annual Interagency Civil Security Conference
Mariott Hotel, Tulsa, OK, 1995

Slide 1. The Best Of The Best

  • A top academic can make your training session succeed
  • Picking the wrong one, or mismanaging, can be a sticking point

Slide 2. Commanding Respect

  • Civilans: we pick the highly-skilled, smart, top in their field
  • Famous, recognizable professor vs. unknown civil servant
  • Credibility essential for effective training sessions in short times

Slide 3. Easy To Arrange

  • Top academics can "skip the university" easily
  • Grant provisions provide leverage

Slide 4. The "Prima Donna" Factor

  • Top profs can be difficult to manage
  • Remembering the infamous Paglia incident

Slide 5. Celebrities and Security

  • Not a problem in itself, but special measures required
  • Don't bite off more than you can chew

Slide 6. Deniability

  • Location, identities, operations kept secret
  • A few easy recipes for misinformation
  • Untraceable, untaxed cash payment

Slide 7. Conclusion

  • Choose the most appropriate *manageable* figure
  • Check the record closely
  • Have your a** covered