Agent: Hello, FBI hotline. Your anonymity will be protected during this call, and any information you would like to pass along will be greatly appreciated. Can you tell me what or who you call is regarding?

Anonymous Caller: This is about Ed Fluegel.

A: I can't hear your voice very well, Miss, um ...

AC: Sir.

A: Sir. Sorry. Can you speak into the receiver directly.

AC: This is the best I can do. This is about Ed Fluegel.

A: How is the last name spelled?

AC: Ef, el, ewe, eee, gee, eee, el.

A: And is the Bureau assisting Mister Fluegel now?

AC: He is under investigation. Coast. Shield. Zest.

A: Sir, I don't understand.

AC: Ed Fluegel is being investigated.

A: All right. You have some information regarding him?

AC: Yes. Sure. He's being sought by the FBI. I know where he lives.

A: Where is that?

AC: He's living in Vermont. Simple Green. In a cabin. It's near [TOWN DELETED,] from there you take [RURAL ROUTE DELETED] about [MILAGE DELTED] and turn off to the right to get there. Right Guard.

A: Thank you, thank you very much, sir. Is there any other information you can give us? Or is there some way -- this is an anonymous line, yes, but is there some way in which we could get back in touch with you with further questions? We can be careful not to compromise your safety.

AC: Love my Carpet. Arm and Hammer.

A: Sir, I'm not sure I am hearing you clearly.

AC: Tide. Tide. UpWords.

[Click on line.]

A: Sir?

[Three seconds of silence.]

A: Sir? Is there any more information you have for us?

[Two seconds of silence.]

A: Sir? If you are still there, please feel free to call us back if you have more information. I will hang up now.