On [DATE DELETED] I met with Lt. Col. Charles Ancilla of the Army. He commanded Rangers on many CIA operations. I asked him about the problem operation, Operation SHIFT LOCK, in which Ed Fluegel was involved.

Ancilla was careful to protect details of the most recent operation when he spoke to me. I informed him that we knew about Fortan's death and the failure of that operation, and that we didn't need any details about that. I said we were only interested in information he might have that would be relevant to finding Fluegel. After recounting Fluegel's role in the previous operation to me, Ancilla began to speak about Fortan's role in that operation. He said that Fortan had been much more adept in heading the recent operation than he was the last time. Ancilla said he now realized that while Fortan was experienced in working with CIA operatives and the military, he had difficulties dealing with the civilians. Although he was careful not to disparage Fortan, it was clear that he thought Fortan might have done a better job of directing Fluegel during the earlier operation, and that Fortan might be to blame, in part, for Fluegel's disappearance. He said Fluegel had told him nothing during the earlier operation that might lead us to him. He said he had no contact with Fluegel since departure from Colombia. He said Fortan mentioned that he was investigating Fluegel's disappearance at one point but did not provide any other information about it. He said he had entertained the idea that Fortan might have 'taken care of' Fluegel 'himself,' but he said he later thought this idea was far-fetched.

I pressed him for more information on this point but he said it was just speculation.

There was no new information revealed that might lead us to Fluegel, and there seems no need to contact Ancilla further. I report Ancilla's statements about Fortan because, although not directly pertinent, they might bear on the situation in the future.