It is my opinion that the dreams of Hope Hearst reflect an internal conflict, with respect to her recruitment into Operation Shife Lock, or, more likely, childhood trauma. While it has been suggested by Heinz Von Braun, the inventor of the Traumleser, that dreams may foretell the future, this theory is one on which today's dream specialists are sharply divided. In any event, I see no evidence in the results of Hope Hearst's examination that she knows the future, either consciously or unconsciously.

Neo-Freudian dream interpreter Monty Marx puts forth the theory that a snowy woods tends to signify the property of an absent person, property one would, so to speak, penetrate for the purpose of tranquility or excitement. The sudden shift to the beach is a sort of awakening into adulthood then. It is not implausible that this awakening into adulthood is a metaphor for the subject's being drafted into government service. The peach is a return to innocence perhaps. Or a vaginal image. Or both.

The following segments do not bear any obvious relationship to the subject's situation. Finally, though, the return to the image of the FBI agent with walkie talkie crouched on beach may be a metaphor for fatherhood, itself a metaphor for government. The sense is of intimacy, as if she and the FBI man were coconspirators.

Based on this analysis, I tentatively conclude that Hope Hearst's recruitment into government service represents a sort of sexual conquest of the father.

Humbly sumbitted,
Sigfried Reynolds