FBI forwarded file with the results of an analysis made of [NAME DELETED] by a Traumleser, or as is informally known, a "dream-reader."

The Traumleser, originally developed by Nazi psychologists to monitor party loyalty among high-ranking officers, is not widely used by CIA or other US intelligence agencies. It is unclear why it was used by CIA in this instance, and the unusual use of the Traumleser may explain CIA's reticence in releasing this information to us. The Traumleser is not officially considered a reliable means of information gathering by any means. More precisely, the ability of the device to read dreams accurately is not known (precisely because its efficacy cannot be proven), and furthermore the accuracy and usefulness of dreams themselves, even if correctly intercepted, are unknown.

The content of Hearst's dreams is reproduced below in part to show diligence and to justify our conclusion that these dream-records are of no use.

0300 REM sleep achieved.
Subject in snowy darkness near wooded area.
Subject understands subject is being watched by creature or person or multiple creatures and/or people in woods.
Subject rides horse.
Subject on beach, eats peach.
Subject is wearing white pants rolled up at ankles.
There is a distant sound, word "plaintive" to describe sound comes to mind.
It is a child with a plastic shovel and sandpail.
Child is making a sandcastle surrounded by white flowers.
Tide comes in destroying castle and sweeping flowers away.
Child cries [DATA UNREADBALE].
Subject turns around. Crouching on beach is FBI man in gray suit, murmuring into walkie-talkie.
Rain begins.