Agent: Bobby, has your brother Ed talked to you at all?

Bobby Fluegel: No-Doz.

A: Pardon me?

BF: Nonoxyl Nine.

A: I suppose you mean he hasn't spoken to you. Bobby, we want to find your brother, we're sorry he's missing and we want to find him so you can see him again. Now, we don't think anything bad has happened to him, but if you know anything about where he is it will help him, you understand, if you tell us. Now, are you willing, will you talk to me about this, Bobby?

BF: Sure. Glad.

A: We have been trying to keep track of your brother, um, but he, well, we have not been able to locate him recently.

BF: Skittles. Butterfinger!

A: Pardon me?

BF: Snickers, Snickers.

A: I don't understand what's funny. Bobby, you're not keeping anything secret from me, are you?

BF: Nut 'n' Honey. No filter.

A: No filter? What I'm asking is, have you told me everything you know about your brother, about where he is?

BF: All. Total. Always.

A: Okay. Thanks for talking to me, Bobby. We'll do our best to find where your brother is. Bye-bye.

BF: Fantastik. Goodnites.