Dear Agent [NAME DELETED], (The adressee of this letter is the individual referred to in this report as Agent Virgule.)

I'm sure you thought you were just doing your job. I guess you were. I'm sure you do far worse things in your job, too, but realize: you and your colleagues really showed me the underside of the world. Now, everything is upside down for me. My old life, if it ever made sense to me, now makes as little sense as does all of this running around in foreign jungles for the sake of political influence or economic dominance or a so-called war on drugs.

What's odd is, I can't get too worked up about it all. I felt almost like I was watching a movie, like I was somehow apart from what was going on. The others got shot, the others died in twisted wreckage. I got away with a few scratches and some time in captivity that I can't completely remember.

Should I go back to being a good everyday citizen, and try to forget about the whole thing? Should I try to blow the whistle, if there's a whistle to be found? Maybe I should do one of these things, but I'm not going to. Spending my life trying to take down the CIA would just allow you guys to further dominate my life, even as I opposed you. I have more important goals in mind.

You were very kind to me, but you bear within yourself the responsibility for the business in which you take part. Keep this in mind. You're a better person than that, and you shouldn't degrade yourself with this mess that you're involved in.