When it was believed that the language flower acted as a sort of truth serum, before its true properties had been identified, an experiment was conducted on [NAME DELETED], who was believed to have knowledge of the Humbaba Organization.

Agent [NAME DELETED] interviewed subject [NAME DELETED] who spoke lucidly and at length about Mayor Humbaba. Following the interrogation, Agent [NAME DELETED] resigned from his role and began to press the director for an end to the investigation, going so far as to insinuate allegations of corruption among federal agents.

Agent [NAME DELETED] was assiduous in filing all the proper paperwork, and these allegations will be investigated by internal security pending an order from the regional supervisor. In his letter to the supervisor, Agent [NAME DELETED] argued passionately that Mayor Humbaba was a perfectly innocent man, loyal only to his citizens, who had been negotiating a delicate balance, caught between powerful forces in the Colombian underworld who at every point threatened to destroy his village.

After obtaining further information about the language flower, a confidential file was delivered to the regional supervisor addressing the possibility that the language flower, in this instance, rather than cause subject [NAME DELETED] to speak the truth, may have in fact caused him to lie with superhuman eloquence.

It is not the purpose of this report to describe the nature of TRUTH.

The tapes of the interview were unintentionally destroyed following an unintentional imperative by the regional supervisor, and the nature of the rhetorical tactics employed by Colombian subject [NAME DELETED] remain unknown.

The whereabouts of Agent [NAME DELETED] are currently unknown, although he is rumored to be living in Colombia and writing journalistic articles for stateside publications of lesser repute.