Our ability to fully understand the psychophysiological mechanisms of the lenguaje have been impeded by a lack of access to sufficient samples. We received a sample of two petals of the flower in a plasticine bag from an informant, but had no way of verifying that it was the correct species. According to conflicting reports, the flower may be ingested intravenously, orally, through ear or eye drops, and, although this seems unlikely, by inhaling the pollen.

Based on limited experiments with our sample, corroborated with other reports, it seems probable that it our earlier hypothesis regarding the effects of the lenguaje may have been incorrect. More recent information suggests that the flower may have psychotropic properties almost opposite those originally attributed to it. In short, rather than make people susceptible to persuasion, it may actually make people become persuasive. For the duration of the drug's effect - eight hours or so - we believe that a person under its influence is able to convince anyone of anything, through some mechanism allowing them temporary insight into the hidden reasoning processes of other people. This would make the drug of very limited use, if any, to the American intelligence community, in the way it was originally envisioned. Such a substance, however, may have different, equally important uses. Although our conclusions have not been substantiated, we still have reason to take them at least as seriously as we did the original rumors.

Finally and most urgently, in addition to being, if harnessed, a potentially valuable asset for national security interests, the lenguaje, if controlled by other interests, might surely be devastating. Given the possibility that the lenguaje might be used for psychological control, possibly on a large scale, in terms of national security, it is perhaps at least as important that the flower be kept out of enemy hands as it is that we have access to it for our own uses. To this end, eradicating the flower, making it extinct, is an option we should not lose sight of.