[Translated from Spanish]

Pablo is very excited about our arrangement. It has all been worked out, my friend, the boat will be at the usual place. In addition to the future merchandise schedule already discussed, I may have another companion who is also interested in doing business with you. This man is an old friend of the family, and he also has merchandise that may interest you - limited quantities of a souvenir obtained during a recent visit to Thailand.

As I mentioned, this man is interested in perhaps doing business, however he is apprehensive because he is of the opinion that your new associate - the American - is DEA. And I must admit now he has me worried. We hope you do not think us distrustful, we only have everybody's best business interests in mind.

Should you see it our way, and disassociate yourself from this man however you see fit, I will arrange a meeting. You will like my friend, I'm sure. He is an old aficionado of cock-fighting, as well as my son's godfather, and I'm sure that you and he will have much to talk about.

Your friend,