Mr. Fluegel was administered a polygraph examination on [DATE DELETED].

The main issue under consideration was whether he would be granted provisional SCI security clearance.

Mr. Fluegel's physiological responses were monitored during the presentation of these questions by means of a Lexington Instruments Accuracy Reader, Model 6600. The following responses were recorded on this instrument's strip chart: relative blood pressure; skin conductance; thoracic and abdominal respiration. Data were subject to numerical scoring and computer ­based analysis.

The numerical score was +34. In the system of numerical scoring developed and validated at the University of Utah, total numerical scoring of +6 or more is considered indicative of truthfulness.

The computer­based analysis returned a posterior probability of truthfulness of .964 in the first series.

Based on the numerical score of the polygraph charts and the computer based analysis, it is the opinion of this examiner that Mr. Fluegel was being truthful when he answered these relevant questions: (1) have you been approached by any suspicious parties you suspect of being involved in the intelligence community of another nation? (2) Are you or have you ever been affiliated with the Communist Party? (3) If you were offered a large sum of money in exchange for information you may have learned or gleaned during this operation, would you consider disclosure?

While he seems to have an irascible temperament, it is my opinion that Ed Fluegel should be granted a provisional SCI security clearance as a result of this examination, if he has in fact truly been deemed capable of government work by those who have selected him.

Those responsible for finalizing the subject's security clearance should be aware, as they no doubt are, that the polygraph examination has been adjudged to have a success rate of 40%.

   Respectfully Submitted,
   Robert Larson, Polygraph Examiner