Prisoner's Name: Ed Fluegel
Address: 2610 Rio Grande #12
Telephone No: 478-5012
Color: Cauc.
Sex: M
Age: 21
DOB: 5/12/70
Height: 5' 10"
Weight: 150
Build: Slight
Hair: Br
Eyes: Br
Glasses: N
Complexion: Pale
Mustache: N
Lefthanded: N
Nicknames, Alias : Ed
Scars, Marks, Tattoos, Deformities: Circle with loop and double triangle - right shoulder
Marital Status: Single
Name and Address of Spouse: N/A
Occupation : Student
Employer: University of Texas
Place of Birth: USA
U.S. Citizen : Y
Name of Crime: "Wanton Consumption of Raw Garlic"
In Violation of Article: See attached photocopy of statute provided by prisoner
Brief Description of Crime: Eating garlic
Place of Crime: Main steps, Texas Capitol
Date: 2/2/92
Time 3:37 PM
Place of Arrest: Main steps, Texas Capitol
Date: 2/2/92
Time 3:37 PM
Arresting Officer: Brown
Complainant: Prisoner himself demanded to be arrested
Date Bailed: 2/2/93
Amount of Bail: ROR after booking
Parents of Subject: Cecil and Judith Fluegel, San Francisco Calif.
Parents of Spouse: N/A
Examined Physically: N
Examined Mentally: N (Prisoner demanded his own arrest, he was clearly engaged in publicity stunt and did not show signs of being mentally troubled)
Liquor: None
Uses Drugs: N
Photo Taken: Y By whom: Windell
Prints taken: Y By Whom: Windell
Prior Arrests: None
Date / Name of Crime / Place / Disposition

Is defendant on parole or probation: N
Accomplices: None
Remarks: Demanded he be arrested as noted above