Symp. can't speak normally, seems talk in very short utterences, saying things off TV approx. every 10-30 secs. No pattern, no evid. clang association. Speech therapy indic. if this has been incremental but with this sudden change speech prob. prob. not only thing. No mem. loss reported, vitals normal, no physiolog. probs, no other symps. Behaved normally during office visit, well behaved. Dad reports slight stupor observed when TV watched, which is normal, also less active than prev. Otherwise no behav. problems / other concerns. No change in domestic situation, no school probs., no new stress, seems happy actually. When asked whether saw something weird on TV says no, actually says "No, nonsense," unusual answer.

Immediate neurol. evaluation. Ref. to psychologist if nothing. No diag. possible here, nothing like it in the DSM. No evidence of trauma, no trauma reported by Dad or Bobby, still I suspect trauma, surely could have struck head? Otherwise this sudden, doesn't happen. Recommend drug testing. Will schedule for CT scan immediately if neurologists have concerns.


Neurologist said used diagnostic exam for mutes finding no sign of trauma, other extensive speech problems noted by them, totally puzzled, unable to diagnose. No clue in rounds but it has to be psych. at this point.