You sit across from them in the bar booth, smiling. The house band is playing some mediocre bar rock. Inoffensive, but mixed too poorly for you to decipher any of the vocalist's words. For a moment neither of you say a word, just letting the silence between you two sit. You break it: "Remember when we first met here? Look how dingy this place is, I can barely believe it."

They nod. "I admit, I never would've walked into this dive looking for anything more than a cheap beer and a decent live show."

You both turn to watch the band. As if to prove their decency, they cut into a catchy, crowd-pleasing chorus. The soundtrack of a crowd clapping along belies the almost motionless patrons of the bar watching on in boredom.

You turn back to them. "I don't think I'll ever forget that day, once upon a time a few years back."