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"…", Chronicling the "spoken word" of the Boston Area

by Vince D'Andrea

Experimental Writing, Spring 2014, MIT

"…" is a booklet that chronicles various aspects of my life by using the various quotations that I see and view on a daily basis. A variety of different areas that I frequent are scoured over for any text that is in quotation marks, and the text will be recorded visually with a photograph and written in text. The text is presented both in its original visual form via photographs and in a list that is organized by the number of words in each quote. The booklet will be broken up into different chapters, each meant to signify a "subset" of my life. Here, I will enumerate the chapters and, within "...", I will use the collected quotes to form a number of original written pieces. Also, a number of newspaper articles are submitted to an "erasure" technique meant to highlight the article for the quotations within. The result is in "...".


Table of Contents

I.) Boston

II.) Cambridge

III.) Newspaper revisions

IV.) Organic chemistry quotes

V.) Writing inspired by the spoken word

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