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by Lourdes Bobbio

... Selected Poems ...

My final project ended up containing 17 poems, that together, tell a short narrative. It is divided into two parts, each that have their own theme, but also complement each other when looked at side by side. I have selected some of my favorite poems to present to you here. You many find the link to my completed work in pdf format down below.

Exercpted Poems from Part One


just one day
just one year

the crown of embers
crown of midnight

the darkest minds
the madman's daughter


let the sky fall
teardrop undetected
winter labyrinth
the remains of the day
blur, bloom
just listen
the executioner's daughter
royally lost
prisoner of night and fog

Exercpted Poems from Part Two


the kill order, anvil of god
the one amulet
slammed at the speed of light
scarlet point of retreat
one kick -- angelfall
shiver, shadow kiss
don't try to find me


the here and now
breaking dawn

last sacrifice
I capture the castle

bright before sunrise
golden, wild awake

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