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by Lourdes Bobbio

During the Spring of 2014 I took a class entitles "Experimental Writing". We looked at many different kinds of experimental writing and for our final project we had to take what we learned throughout the semester and come up with a work that encapsulated the spirit of experimental writing using certain constraints, either ones we discussed in class or ones we came up with on pour own. Here I present to you my final project.

Project Description

I am a book lover plain and simple. In the past year (2013) I read 119 books. I also spend a lot of time in the book community online discovering new books and authors. I wanted my final project for 21W.750 (Experimental Writing) to somehow incorporate my love of reading and of physical books themselves. Therefore, I chose to create a series of poems using parts of books themselves.

At the very core of this project is about my love of reading and how much it influences my life. Books are most known by their titles so I decided to take this integral part of a book and combine them to tell a story. Just like the spines of a book lines up on a shelf can tell the story of its owner, so will these titles tell a story in this project.

I culled the titles from various sources, although most of them do come from books I own or books I've read recently. In experimental writing we deal a lot with different constraints. While this project has on overall constraint of just using book title to creat the poems, some of the poems themselves have other constraints that were used in the process. For example, for one poem I only used books I'd read in the past year and I could only use one book from each month. In one poem I also constrained myself to just using books on one weeks New York Times Bestseller list. By using both books I know and love as well as books I hadn't heard of until I wrote their titles into the poems, I have discovered the breadth of works that exists in the literary world.

About the Author

My name is Lourdes and I am a tired emgineering student, voracious reader, and somewhat productive writer. I am majoring in Course 3 (Materials Science and Engineering) with the intention of graduating in 2015. One day I hope to be a published authore but until then I satisfy my needs of escaping reality through reading. Until I took 21W.750 I never showed anyone my writing. It hasn't always been easy, but I feel as though I have grown as a writer.

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