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On the backs of Giants

by Jordan Santana

A Slew of Centos Inspired by Prominent Poets and the Musings of an Altered Mind

Writers block; a worthy adversary. Within my struggle to overcome it, I've made a recent realization: perhaps what bars me (and possibly others) from making progress with writing is the expectation that my work will resound with the same profundity, clarity, and eloquence as the work of writers I look up to. Renowned talent isn't a light thing, and realistically it takes persistence and luck to pen the words that make millions of hearts swoon to the same beat. Perhaps rather than quitting every time my writing doesn't pass my personal standard, I should revise and refine! This is born of an attitude that reveres and draws inspiration from the literary giants I aspire to connect with, rather than one that feels squashed by their eminence. My project is composed of centos: selections of beloved works from particular authors that are patched together to create wholly original poems. I hope to build of the principle that writers, while not always available to express things about the world you don't already know, are gifted in precisely articulating experience in a way you never would (or wish you could). Through this process, I've hoped to parse together my own messages with the beautiful words of those before me - as well as to discover much about the corresponding poets. Inspired by the autobiographical nature of the nostalgia associated with researching past favorite poets, I've decided to incorporate a side project. To say the least, this includes several entries written automatically in the surrealist tradition, while under the influence of a variety of substances. Perhaps there is much the unconscious mind can uncover, particularly when it is altered.

"Fit Fate Ague."

A Work on Extreme Fatigue