> classes > experimental writing, spring 2014

All Atwitter

by Abi Nighthill

... communication between birds ...

This project considers the anthropomorphization of birds with regards to literate and electrate communication. Birders often use mnemonic phrases to remember a bird call, and these phrases consider the tone or attitude a bird seems to take. I have played with the idea of these bird people interacting between species, as they might if they had the sort of globalization provided by the internet. The result is a series of comics using only bird call mnemonic phrases and tweets.

The flycatcher.
Chewy pizza.
Peer pressure amongst fowl.
Nice old ladies don't chew.
The barred owl, that's who.


As for the media, it is drawn onto a roll of adhesive paper so that it can be pasted in the environment. As one encounters bird calls while out in the world, and the pervasive way that tweets are available via smartphones, so these stickers will become part of the daily landscape.