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The Video Game III

26 September 2007

Studying Games

We'll discuss some issues involved in studying games, trying to see how what we've learned through practice can inform this. This will involve finally getting to the Turkle and Laurel readings, if we've managed to get to them outside of class.

Games in BASIC

Download Chimpmunk BASIC. You can visit the home page for this version of BASIC if you like, too. Open the disk image by double-clicking on it and copy the application to somewhere where you can run it — the desktop might be a good place.

Working with a partner, type in a program from BASIC games that the two of you have selected and that no one else has decided to type in. It should be long enough to be interesting to run and analyze. Type the program in a text editor and run it using Chipmunk BASIC. If (when) it doesn't work as it is supposed to, see if you can fix it. Each group will be asked to discuss their program with the class.

Project time

Hopefully there will be time for us to work on projects in class, although this might not happen, as it didn't last time. If you don't want to work on your project, please see if there's anything you can do to help anyone else.